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The company was founded in 1960 by Hermann Huhn Jr.
As one of the first cultured pearl importers, Hermann Huhn travelled around Japan to search for suppliers.
In 1988, I started my job as commercial clerk and sales representative in the company.

After the death of Mr Huhn in 1989 Mrs Huhn made the decision to continue managing the company, and her success over the years showed that she made the right decision.
During this time, I was given the opportunity to accompany her on purchasing trips to Japan, Hong Kong and China so that I could build up a business relationship with our suppliers personally.

Thanks to these relationships, which have deepened and remained true over many years, and thanks to our permanent personal presence at high-profile production locations worldwide, we are nowadays capable of reacting rapidly and flexibly to the requirements and changes in the market. This means it is a matter of course for us to offer the best in pearl quality in connection with attractive prices.
The satisfaction of our longstanding customers and business partners shows us that the cultured pearls from across the world, which we always select ourselves, comply with the highest quality standards in every manner.


in the back (left – right):
Susanne Aha, Ute Horn, Ida Bacher, Sabine Musch

in the front:
Peter Holzhauer, Vincent Holzhauer, Susan Holzhauer, our dog Lotte


We are not just a supplier, but also a partner reacting to customers’ requirements.

Pearls, or the tears of the gods, are something wholly personal. This is why we always ask ourselves, when we examine a pearl, if it is perfect enough, if it will please our customer: would we like to see ourselves wearing this pearl?

In this way, we can guarantee a maximum in quality, in perfection, simply in beauty at any time.

This is what we are aiming for.